Investment in Potential

Ascencia Partners, LLC invests our strategic, managerial, financial and legal expertise in private companies that exhibit high growth potential but have not yet fully achieved that potential. With an average of more than 25 years of senior executive and entrepreneurial experience, our partners are proven leaders, having performed many of the roles necessary forĀ a company’s success. We partner with business owners to build and realize value through an ultimate liquidity event such as a sale or merger. Our investment model includes a thorough due diligence process that protects both sides of the partnership, ensuring that the outcome is mutually agreed upon and success-driven.

If you have built a business but have not been able to realize its full potential either through a liquidity event or due to stalled growth, you may need additional executive-level support. Our executives can compliment and/or provide the management team. We work with the existing owners and managers to assess and deliver value. We commit the necessary team members on a part to full time basis to achieve agreed-upon goals based on the needs of the business.

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